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Mouth Wrinkles: How to Prevent Them and Reduce Their Appearance Once You Have Them

Mouth wrinkles are part and parcel of the aging process. Everyone is bound to experience them at some point as they age. When wrinkles around your mouth you can feel like you look a lot older than you are.

This can really affect your self esteem and confidence. But all is not lost - there are ways you can prevent or delay wrinkles around the month. There are also ways you can reduce wrinkles once they appear.

How To Prevent Mouth Wrinkles:

Wrinkles around the mouth are sometimes the very first lines to show on the face. That said, there are factors that can contribute to and speed up the appearance of the wrinkles.

These include smoking, excessive threading and waxing.

Smoking for example dries the skin making it lose its elasticity. Using threading to remove hair exerts pressure on the skin causing wrinkles over time. Reducing such lifestyle habits reduce the odds of getting wrinkles and delay their onset.

Since dry skin is a cause of wrinkles, drink plenty of water daily. Moisturize your face while paying extra attention to the lips and area around the mouth.

Exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun is another contributing factor to mouth wrinkle formation making it important to wear sunscreen when stepping out onto direct sunlight. Good diet and regular exercise will make the skin look radiant and healthy.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles Around the Mouth:

If you do have mouth wrinkles, home remedies are the first place you should start if you want to reduce and remove them. The good thing is that they do not cost much, are comprised of natural products that are not toxic to the skin but are still very effective in reducing wrinkles.

For example, if you have very dry lips, applying a moisturizer consisting of baking soda and sugar and then gently rubbing it on the wrinkled area works well. When you rinse off the home made moisturizer and apply lip balm, you lips will feel and look smooth and healthy. Your wrinkles will gradually start to fade as you carry out this process regularly.

You can also smash a slice of avocado then apply it on the whole face, before leaving it for 20 minutes to dry and then washing it off. Sugar cane juice mixed with turmeric also does the trick. When you do not have too much time in your hands, you can apply egg white to your face, wait for it to dry then wash it off. It leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother and tighter.

Best Creams for Wrinkles Around the Mouth

There are some great creams in the market that work wonders to reduce lines around the mouth, and one only needs to do some little research on the products. Today there are many fast acting creams that contain collagen from marine sources plus serum that helps to tighten the skin's appearance.

These anti-wrinkle creams are an excellent option that work fast and whose results have been thoroughly studied. They are a cheaper alternative for wrinkle removal when compared to botox injections and surgery.

Some of the best mouth wrinkle creams include Lifecell Anti wrinkle Cream, Athena 7 Minute Lift and Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer.


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