Oil of Olay Products: The Top 4
Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Series At Olay

The Oil of Olay product series was designed to treat skin according to the particular skin condition of aging women and men. This goal started with a simple cream and cleanser in the 1950's as a gift to chemist Graham Wulff's wife (Dinah).

Dinah and Graham Wulff worked on the first Oil of Olay products together so that it would moisturize while helping to prevent fine lines. She was sick of all the greasy creams out there that didn't work. Her devoted husband wanted to make her feel beautiful and feminine. Sweet!

Today that single product has grown into a multi-million dollar franchise owned and managed by Proctor & Gamble. There are approximately 14 Olay product lines - and about 6 of them are dedicated to anti-wrinkle face care.

After trying a few of those creams and hanging out in forums I bring you this page with the most highly rated Olay Anti-wrinkle Series and products.

A disclaimer - just because these creams are highly rated doesn't mean that EVERYONE likes them. It just means that MOST people liked them. Your skin is unique and what works for someone else, might not work for you.

And lastly, just because it's popular and branded as 'clean and fresh', doesn't mean that this product is good for your skin, your health, or the environment. If these things are important to you, you might want to consider a natural skin care cream instead.

Ok, on to the most popular series for anti wrinkle skin care at Olay.

The Olay Regenerist Series

The Olay Regenerist series includes 24 different products. This particlar line is said to regenerate the skin's surface and provide advanced anti-aging. It is meant to improve the look of the skin "without resorting to drastic measures".

Below are three of the highly-rated products in this series.


Microdermabrasion & Peel System   Fragrance Free Regenerating Cream   Olay Regenerist Night Cream

The Olay Definity Series

The Definity Oil of Olay product line encourages users to follow three basic steps to reverse the signs of aging with this product - 1) Cleanse 2) Moisturize 3) Treat.

  • Cleansing is meant to "penetrate deep into the surface to reveal highly defined and luminous skin".
  • The Moisturizer contains Glucosamine Complex. This is supposed to penetrate 10 layers of the skin for deep hydration and natural reconstruction of collagen.
  • The Treatments are created to target "problem areas". These problem areas would be sun spots, dull areas, and areas with excessive wrinkles.

Below are three really popular products in this line

Total Effects by Olay

This series combines 7 anti wrinkle skin care benefits into one formula. These 7 signs of aging include: 1) the look of fine lines 2) uneven skin tone 3) rough texture 4) dullness 5) pronounced pores 5) age spots 6) dryness 7) wrinkles

This series includes approximately 20 products (not including the body wash) with the big ingredient being Niacin.

It is that this product out-performs other drug store products. Call me skeptical, but I don't see any mention of how it performs against other Olay products.

The most highly rated items by Total Effects

Age Defying Series

Here's another huge anti wrinkle series by Olay. It too includes close to 20 different products.

This is a cream specifically created menopausal women. It is said to reverse the moisture loss that we experience during this stage in our lives. And since we're more sensitive to the sun during that period in our lives, it also includes SPF 15.

The "big-name" ingredients in this cream is the beta hydroxy acid and salicylic acid which are used in quite a lot of anti wrinkle creams.

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